House rules

House rules

Although we ourselves are not a big fan of rules, we still have a number of house rules that will ensure a pleasant stay for everyone at Plaza Sportiva:

  • Wear sport shoes that have only been worn indoors;
  • For hygiene reasons, please use a towel on the fitness and cardio machines while exercising;
  • Please leave fitness and cardio equipment clean after you are done using it. For that we have provided our gyms with the paper rolls and disinfectant spray which you can use;
  • Please wear a T-shirt instead of a singlet or a top (the usage of singlets and tops are allowed during group lessons in aerobics rooms);
  • Do not wear caps or other headgear in the gym;
  • Smoking and mobile calls are not allowed;
  • Do not bring any food into the fitness and aerobics rooms,
  • Please Empty your locker when you leave and make sure you did not forget any of your belongings.

Wet areas: sauna, showers and swimming pool

  • Saunas can be used by people of 18 years old and older;
  • Always wear slippers when visiting a sauna or walking to or from the swimming pool;
  • Take a large and a small bath towel with you in the sauna;
  • Wearing a bathrobe is mandatory in the lounge and relaxation areas;
  • Please handle the property of Plaza Sportiva with care;
  • Show respect towards other visitors, body contact and intimacies are not allowed;

We wish you a pleasant time at Plaza Sportiva!