Open gym

Open gym

In our spacious fitness room of more than 900 square meters, you can train, using the latest fitness equipment. You have an opportunity to choose between 90 different machines for cardio and strength training.

Train in your own way or let one of our trainers draw up a schedule for you. Curious about your progress? Ask our trainers to perform a body analysis on our smart scale. This scale doesn’t only measures weight, but also, for example: fat percentage, metabolic age and muscle mass.


In our eGym-Circle you can do a complete workout in just 30 minutes. The circle consists of 8 intelligent strength training devices. Check in with your member key and see where you left off last time. The devices will remember what level you are currently on and by means of a strength measurement it will determine whether it is time to add some extra training weight. This will provide you an effective progression in your training sessions. Personal training instructions are given on the display of the device during exercises, so that you can continue your training without a threat of harming yourself.

New members receive 8 weeks of free training on the eGym-Circle. Do you want to continue with eGym afterwards? Upgrade your subscription to eGym Premium! This subscription can be cancelled monthly.

After your workout
Are you done training? Ensure optimal recovery of your muscles and get your protein shake at the bar. If you order it before you start with the training, it will be ready and waiting for you right after you are done with your workout!