Personal training

Personal training

A Personal trainer can help you achieve a variety of goals, for example: are you going to the gym for the first time and want a kickstart? A personal trainer will teach you all the good techniques to prevent injuries and draw up a training schedule for you.

But you can also hire a personal trainer if you want to get stronger, lose weight, improve your condition or, for example, train for a competition.

Benefits of having a personal trainer
Personal training is an investment in yourself. By training under supervision, you never have to do an inefficient workout. In this way you will quickly achieve your results and you will feel fitter and healthier. Moreover, you retain your motivation longer because you train structurally and make agreements with your trainer. And don’t forget the personal aspect! A trainer gives you personal advice and creates training schedules that perfectly match you and your goals.

Personal Training during lockdown
Want to train during lockdown? Personal Training is still an option to do outside with a professional trainer. That is why we offer the possibility to buy a package for a reduced price. Helpful for everybody who want to do a training in “real life” with a trainer. An overview of the possibilities can be find below. Click on the package and it brings you to a new screen where you can select your package. Scroll down and you can pay directly via iDeal. We will contact you to plan the first session with you. Interested in duo PT? Contact us to get a discount on your package!